Job Title:                     Headteacher – E-ACT Royton and Crompton Academy 


Scale:                                     L31-L39



Responsibleto:          Regional Education Director 


Contract:                             Permanent

                                                    Teachers pay and conditions


The purpose of the role:


The core purpose of the headteacher is to provide highly efficient, and highly effective leadership and management of the academy. The headteacher must ensure that there is at least a good standard of education and good standards of behaviour and conduct by effectively managing teaching and learning to realise the potential of all pupils. Headteachers must establish a positive ethos, culture and vision that promotes excellence, equality and high expectations of all pupils.


The headteacher is the leading professional, accountable to the Regional Education Director and the senior regional team.

The headteacher is responsible for evaluating the academy’s performance to identify the priorities for continuous improvement and raising standards; ensuring equality of opportunity for all; developing policies and practices; ensuring that resources are efficiently and effectively used to achieve the aims and objectives and for the day-to-day  management, organisation and administration. 


The headteacher, secures the commitment of the wider community to the school by developing and maintaining effective partnerships with, for example, schools, other services and agencies for children, the local authority, higher education institutions and employers. 

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