This past weekend, the schools CCF Instructors, 2Lt Nuttall, 2Lt Young, AUO Boote and C/Sgt Boswell attended Altcar Military Training Camp, Hightown, Merseyside, for the Advance Fieldcraft Instructors Course, ran by the Cadet Training Team, 42 Brigade. 


30 Army Cadet Instructors from Greater Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire attended the course aimed at giving the Adult Instructors the extra skills and knowledge to further enhance the cadets fieldcraft training. Lessons included:


·TIWAF – Training In Woods & Forrest’s – in-depth lessons and practical hints & tips on how to encourage the cadets participation

·TIBUA – Training In A Built Up Area – lessons on how to storm and clear buildings in a tactical environment, these lessons can be used in a variety of settings including schools and detachments, again lessons which will increase the cadets Fieldcraft knowledge and add that little extra to Fieldcraft training.

·Platoon Attacks – how to attack/defeat a position with 24 men, breaking it down stage by stage, from the fire support, the attacking section and reserve section.

·Harbour Area Drills – revision on considerations when selecting a harbour area. Selection, Occupation, Clearance Patrols, Sentries and Work Routine.


Al the above lessons culminating into a large exercise on Sunday, the adults putting everything that had been taught into practice, including blank firing and the use of smoke grenades. The adults even had to “cam up” (the use camouflage cream)


As you can see from the photos, a fantastic weekend was had by all, Royton & Crompton were leading the way!!