Changing Horizons Workshop at the QE Hall

Good Afternoon, 


A group of your children attended my drama workshop at the changing horizons event at the QE hall on March 14th and I just wanted to let you know how fantastic they were. I teach around 300 children a week and know how hard it is to get everyone to behave accordingly and with all the bad publicity schools receive, (especially in the Oldham area) I thought it was only right to inform you that I enjoyed every minute of the workshop with your children.


After spending the day sat down at tables listening to how other businesses are run, my aim was to try and help the children’s confidence by encouraging them and act out in front of their peers scenarios and certain situations that they would normally shy away from. 


Just to inform you they were great. They asked questions, did things they didn’t really want to and even the guides from the day got involved with them.


I only sent this to let you know you’re doing a great job and I thank them for getting involved.

Kind Regards



Steven Hamilton

Head of Operations/Drama & Musical Theatre Teacher



Fierce Talent Academy Ltd