Royton Crompton School has moved from community governance through a Board of Governors to an Interim Executive Board.

An Interim Executive Board (IEB) is a small body appointed on a short-term basis by a local authority to turn around a school that is judged to be in urgent need of improvement.

An IEB replaces the governing body of a school that has either been placed in special measures or given notice to improve by Ofsted, or that has not complied with a warning notice from its local authority (LA).

The IEB's main functions are to secure a sound basis for future improvement in the school and promote high standards of educational achievement.

Once a decision has been taken for the LA to put in place an IEB at a school, it issues a notice which provides that from a date specified, the governing body is to consist of interim executive members.  This notice may also specify the date when the IEB is to become a normally constituted governing body, or this may be specified in a later notice.

The transition from an IEB to a post-IEB governance structure begins with the appointment of a shadow governing body by the local authority which works alongside the IEB for at least six months.

This process is regulated under “The School Governance (Transition from an Interim Executive Board) (England) Regulations 2010”

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Neil Hutchinson