Attendance and Routine Medical/Dental Appointments

Your child's attendance at school is critically important in terms of their learning, progress, attainment and future career aspiration.

We understand and accept that genuine absence is unavoidable at times, for example if your child is ill or if they have a specialist medical appointment.

However, the impact of ad hoc absence on your child's learning cannot be underestimated and this also includes non-emergency visits to the doctor and routine visits to the dentist that occur during school time.

Our posters show how many learning hours are lost as a consequence of absence and the impact that this may have on your child's future attainment. Two sessions of absence i.e in the a.m and/or p.m, either separately or collectively, represents one full day.

In order to minimise the impact of such absences on attendance, we would urge parents/carers to ensure their childs regular attendance at school and arrange non-emergency/routine appointments outside of school hours wherever possible, or at least after 1.05pm, to minimise the impact on their attendance and therefore on their learning.

Regular rewards are available to pupils who demonstrate a positive attitude to their learning and take account of their attendance and punctuality.

Please support our continued efforts in improving our attendance by minimising absence.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Neil Hutchinson


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