Please click: for the Department for Education guidance on School Discipline.

Our ethos, Respect, Community, Self are supported by a coherent system of rewards and sanctions that are based on the concept of choice and consequence, with the ownership of the behaviour placed firmly with the student:

  • Should students choose to follow school expectations and behave appropriately, then they will be rewarded.
  • Should students choose not to follow school expectations and behave inappropriately, then a system of sanctions will be reasonably applied if appropriate. 

Underpinning the application of rewards and sanctions is an expectation that all adults in the school will intervene with students in a manner that:

  • looks to defuse and positively manage confrontation should it arise.
  • encourages and promotes positive behaviour



At Royton and Crompton School we believe that the values and beliefs that underpin the positive climate for learning are best promoted when students feel secure and are appropriately rewarded for all aspects of their school life - including behaving as expected.

Rewards are much more effective than punishment in motivating students and will be recorded via issuing VIVO reward points.

Royton and Crompton expects all Pupils conduct themselves in accordance to Respect and with the highest possible standards.