School Council

The school council plays an integral role at Royton and Crompton school. We believe in giving the students at RCS a voice so that they feel empowered and know that their opinions matter. The student council meet once a term to discuss important issues centred on school life and the local community. Members of the school council also have the opportunity for wider learning and have been on several trips already this year.

Youth Voice Event

School council members attended a ‘Youth Voice Event’ at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. They had to express their views and opinions about their local area to Oldham, they also evaluated areas that had recently been improved. The students really enjoyed having a say in making changes to their communities.

Global Citizenship Conference

School council members also had the opportunity to participate in a ‘Global Citizenship’ Conference in Liverpool. They actively took part in raising awareness about how climate change is affecting global poverty. They have lots of ideas about how to raise awareness within Royton and Crompton School and look forward to implementing their ideas over the next few months.