Kathleen Leaver

Kathy is a qualified teacher with a Batchelor’s in Education Degree and a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management. She has extensive and successful experience of improving schools in challenging urban environments over a period of 10 years initially as a Headteacher and latterly as a Principal of an academy.  Since retirement in 2014, she has worked as an independent educational leadership consultant with schools and academies causing concern and seeking to improve.  Her specific areas of expertise are in leadership and management to develop rapid and sustained leadership with a particular focus on achievement and performance. Kathy also works as a Quality Assurance Professional for a Local Authority (LA), an Academy Trust consultant providing governor support and an external advisor for Headteachers’ appraisal.   For 12 months she was on the IEB of a secondary school which concluded with a successful ‘hand over’ to the shadow Local Governing Body. 

Kathy will be Chair of the IEB and her role is:

  • To ensure that the IEB functions effectively as a challenge and support in accelerating the school’s progress.
  • To ensure that the IEB fulfils all its legal responsibilities as governing body.
  • To liaise with the LA, the Department for Education and other external bodies and to ensure that this liaison is transparent and accounted for to the IEB.
  • Calling leadership to account at all levels.
  • Addressing the schools priorities.

Kathy will be supported in this role by Gerri Barry (Interim School Performance Specialist: Governance)

The IEB (or IEB chair) is to determine how the Chair’s action matters from the Headteacher will be directed.

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor is the Manager of Oldham Council’s Jigsaw Team which provides behaviour management advice to schools and was formerly Assistant Headteacher at Springbrook School.  Claire would provide the link between the IEB and LA.

Claire’s role is:

  • To ensure that there is statutory compliance around regular attendance and safeguarding.

Michael Booth

A local business man and previous pupil of Royton and Crompton School, Michael is the owner of Booth’s Garden Centre in Royton and has been a Finance Committee Chair and Vice-Chair of a governing body for many years. 

Michael is now a Local Leader of Governance (LLG) supporting other governing bodies.

Michael’s role is:

  • To oversee the finance of the school.

Neil Cavanagh

Neil is the Headteacher at Hodge Clough Primary School, a school from which many children move onto Royton and Crompton.   Mr Cavanagh would have access to the support of all local primary Headteachers.   Neil will bring experience of supporting pupils in their transition year and onto secondary school.

Neil’s role is:

  • To work with the Headteacher (or his nominee) to improve the transition from primary to secondary school for pupils in Year 6.

Joy Clark        

Joy is the Headteacher at North Chadderton School.  She is an experienced local Headteacher of a school that is part of the Dean Trust Teaching Alliance and she has previously provided support to Royton and Crompton School.

Joy’s role is:    

  • To support the chair and Headteacher in securing relevant and timely improvement to the school

Neil Hutchinson

Neil is an experienced Headteacher who has removed several schools from Requiring Improvement.  He is experienced in change management and whilst Neil is not a voting member of the IEB, the Headteacher is invited to all meetings unless the subject matter of the meeting precludes this.

Neil’s role is:

  • To work with the IEB as with the previous governing body.  
  • To provide information to the IEB as and when requested.
  • To support the work of individual members acting on behalf of the IEB.

The IEB may at any point, request that the LA may appoint additional members and make any arrangements it sees fit for the discharge of any its functions by any other person.