Subject Philosophy

The aim of the Drama lessons that we provide at Royton and Crompton is very simple. To make sure our learners are confident and articulate young people, who believe in equality and diversity for all in our school and in our community. Thus providing learners with valuable life skills that need, when they leave school and go to college or indeed the world of work.


The Drama Department

Mr Kellett and Mrs Houghton lead the Media Department

Music Curriculum

Key Stage 3

At KS3 our pupils will all be involved in a Drama once a week. Pupils will learn how to brainstorm ideas and build small pieces of Drama that they will perform in front of other members of the group and indeed the wider community. Local primary schools are also invited into the school to watch Y8 when they perform their theatre in education projects. At KS3 we learn all the tools of the trade that learners will need should they choose to take Drama as an option for KS4.

Key Stage 4

At KS4, we offer the latest GCSE specification from AQA. The course is over three year and pupils will have three lessons a week. The specification is split into three different sections.

Component 1 is the theoretical side of the course and pupils will study for an exam at the end of Y11, which is weighted at 40% of the final mark. In this component pupils will study a play, evaluate a piece of live theatre understand certain theatrical terms.

Component 2, is the devising section of the course, this is also weighted at 40% of the final grade. Pupils will devise a piece of live theatre of approximately 10-15 mins (dependant of the numbers of actors in the group) and can be performed in any style and on any topic, of which the learners decide.

Component 3, is the scripted piece of Drama that is weighted at 20%. Pupils will perform two extracts from the same play which again varies in length due to the size of the group.

Pupils who study Drama at KS4 at Royton and Crompton, also have the opportunity to visit New York City and London, in either Y9 or Y10. We also have links with many schools across the country and around the world, such as Christ Church Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia who came to perform for Royton and Crompton’s KS4 Drama pupils in Jan 2018. It was wonderful to have CCGS perform such a fantastic play for us.


Useful Links

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