Subject Philosophy

As a department we are establishing a culture with students where they believe they can achieve.  In doing so we will have a relentless focus on the progress of all students.  We believe that it is never right to “give up” and there should be the development of positive minds sets across all years and ability groups.  

In doing so we will provide a challenging curriculum for all.  The curriculum is well structured and has clear and ambitions aspirations.  Along with specific subject knowledge the curriculum will build in geographical concepts and skills accessible to all pupils.  In doing so the curriculum will be “up to date “including relevant case studies ad examples which pupils can relate to in their own lives.  

Students will be regularly monitored with strategies to support at all levels of attainment.  At all times students will be aware of their targets, current grades and what they need to do to improve.  Learning is our priority with a sharp focus on engagement and enjoyment. 

The Geography Department

There are 2 members of staff in our Geography department, who have a broad range of experiences and expertise.

The department consists of:

Acting Head of Department - Ms R Armstrong

Mr D Hind

Geography Curriculum

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been designed to introduce students to the study of Geography.  It progressively covers and links to the skills and knowledge required for Key Stage 4, and provides pupils with an understanding of Physical, Human and Environmental Geography.  It is constantly being revised to ensure pupils are stretched and prepared for the demands of Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, pupils follow the AQA GCSE Geography course. The courses develops knowledge and understanding of Physical and Human Geography.  It also develops Geographical skills and understanding through fieldwork, data analysis and evaluation and use of unfamiliar sources.

It is an excellent qualification for those leaving academic study at 16 or those embarking on Further Education.

Useful Links


Africa – David Attenborough series that will help when studying ecosystems

Planet Earth David Attenborough series that will help when studying ecosystems

Cowtopia – A look at the issue of increasing cattle ranching in relation to climate change

An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore’s look at climate change, the causes and effects

Revision guides at GCSE available through school, amazon and book shops.  AQA Geography 2018 specification.