Subject Philosophy

Our aim is to provide a positive cultural and academic experience designed to meet the learning needs and styles of all pupils. We have high expectations for pupils of all abilities and lessons are designed to challenge and ensure progress academically alongside the opportunity to gain an insight into Spanish and French culture. Through motivational lessons, we aim to inspire pupils to become inquisitive and independent learners.

The Languages Department

There are 4 members of staff in our Languages department, who have a broad range of experiences and expertise.

The department consists of:

Head of Department - Miss V Nelson

Ms K Sonenberg

Miss C Doran

Miss L Byrne

Languages Curriculum

Key Stage 3

At KS3, pupils are introduced to the Spanish/French language and from early on are taught to develop the skills and knowledge required to gain success at KS4. Lessons are topic based but incorporate the appropriate grammar and vocabulary. Communication is key and a skill that pupils are encouraged to develop in a variety of ways.


Key Stage 4

At KS4, pupils follow the Edexcel GCSE Spanish/French course, which develops and extends their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. Pupils also delve deeper into grammar and success strategies for the GCSE exam. They are taught to look for language patterns and are encouraged to extend answers to maximise their potential as well as self and peer assess alongside grade descriptors.


As all four language skills have equal weighting in the GCSE exam, lessons include opportunities for these to be regularly practised and we encourage independent learning to further progress in all areas.

Useful Links

Edexcel revision guides provided for all pupils in Year 10 and 11. Pupils can use their student friendly books to practise their language skills and re-cap grammar and vocabulary.

Websites which allow fun and independent learning across both Key Stages are:


Español Extra:

A Tantot:

BBC Bitesize:


Languages Online:

Jimmy P: via the link on the school website