Subject Philosophy

Maths is relevant to all aspects of life!  The scheme of work progressively increases knowledge, self- confidence and interest in the subject. The work allows pupils to both consolidate, progress and build problem solving skills.


The Math Department

There are 12 members of staff in our Maths department, who have a broad range of experiences and expertise.

The department consists of:

Head of Department - Mrs E Downing

Mr J Greaves

Mrs S Preston

Mrs C Bones

Mr D Loker

Mrs J Cross

Mrs K Holt

Mr M Mulgrew

Miss R Boote

Mrs S Akhtar

Mr A Walker

Mrs H Fletcher

Math Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Pupils are placed in sets based on KS2 data, however movement in the sets may occur if deemed necessary.


Pupils in Y7 and Y8 receive four 60 minute lessons per week. Progress is tracked and each teacher is responsible for plugging gaps in knowledge for specific areas of the curriculum. At the start of each half term pupils are given a pre-test to assess prior knowledge, which ensures lessons are delivered at a level that is challenging for the pupils. At the end of each half term the pupils are given a post-test on the content they have covered that half term which will show how much progress they have made. A summative assessment at the end of the school year will be given to gauge their progress over the whole year.

Homework is set weekly and a task on mathswatch is set up at the start of each half term.

Key Stage 4

Pupils in Y9, Y10 and Y11 receive four 60 minute lessons a week. Progress is tracked and monitored in line with the system used at KS3. Summative assessments are completed at the end of each year for Y9 and Y10.


In Y11 pupils will sit 2 mock series in order to identify skill gaps that the class teachers will then address in lessons.

Useful Links

MathsWatch   A website that will support pupils with their homework and their own independent study. Password required – The school textbook that can be accessed at home. Password required. - a free resource - a free resource