Subject Philosophy

More and more young people are taking the opportunity to work in media.

Over the past 10 years, the UK media industry has seen the fastest growth in job creation, with a particular rise in self-employment. RCS students have Manchester on their doorstep, a city which has benefitted from the arrival of the BBC and a number of media companies relocating and opening.

Furthermore, the advent of media platforms like YouTube has seen young people able to lead the way in creating new media and content, in many cases out shining more traditional institutions (e.g. newsgathering, entertainment content).

This course offers students a thorough and in depth introduction to media: how the industry works; how media products are consumed by audiences; and the terminology used by the industry.

The Media Department

Mr Murphy leads the Media Department

Music Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Subject not studies at KS3

Key Stage 4

Students will undergo a series of introductory tasks in the subject. They will focus on analysing the 9 key types of media: Music, Film, Newspapers and magazines, TV, Radio, Online and Social Media, Advertising and Marketing, video games.

Students will also complete practical tasks for each, including making a film trailer and designing a website. In which they will develop their analysis skills and improve their design work so it is more in line with GCSE standards.  This is further developed as we focus more on examination practice and completing the one practical piece of work that contributes to the GCSE.