Subject Philosophy


Engagement in a healthy and active lifestyle equips pupils for success across their time at school and within the wider curriculum. We therefore aim to ensure that Physical Education at RCS allows pupils to develop a broad range of practical skills in a variety of physical activity areas. We aim to create an environment whereby pupils enjoy and thrive within PE leaving them with the ability to make informed choices about leading an active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.



At RCS we promote pupils creativity and confidence through Dance. We encourage individuality in their dance styles and pupils work both independently and as part of a larger group.  As part of the course we provide the opportunity for pupils to choreograph their own pieces as part of a structured unit. We like to ensure that pupils know how to evaluate their own and others performances and be able to write about their experiences throughout the course.

The PE and Dance Department

There are 7 members of staff in our PE department, who have a broad range of experiences and expertise.

The department consists of:

Head of Department - Mr P Robinson

Head of Girls Dance and PE - Mrs L Wild

Miss S Shearman

Miss L Topping

Mr T Earle

Mr R Kirkman

Mr D Senior

PE and Dance Curriculum

Key Stage 3


During years 7 and 8, pupils are introduced to a range of physical activity areas. The Key Stage will provide them with considerable experience in activities, such as, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Orienteering, Table Tennis and Volleyball. Pupils will be taught the necessary skills which will also equip them in Key Stage 4 if they select a PE specific pathway route.  Pupils also have the opportunity to develop their skills further by attending any extra-curricular activities which take place after school.



Subject not taught at KS3


Key Stage 4


Pupils will continue to engage in a curriculum which builds upon the skills acquired at Key Stage 3. Those pupils who select PE as an option pathway will undertake either GCSE PE or BTEC PE. Both options enable pupils to apply their knowledge in a wide variety of theoretical topic areas whilst still developing their practical skills. Pupils will study areas relating to, Body Systems and their role in effective sports performance, Diet and Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Training Sessions and Reasons why people exercise. Pupils will be assessed in both option routes via a written exam and a practical assessment day.


Pupils complete three units throughout the course; this will involve group and solo performances. They will study a variety of dance styles and will be required to demonstrate at least two contrasting styles. Pupils will be required to choreograph both group and solo pieces and perform in front of a live audience. They will also have the opportunity to create a Dance production based on a certain theme, they will choreograph and organise the event as a group.


Pupils will complete three units:

Unit 1: Individual showcase (2 solo pieces & written application)

Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production

Unit 4: Dance Skills


There are both practical and theory elements to the course that pupils will be required to complete. Work that the students produce will be assessed both internally and externally.  

What next?

Students can continue to study Dance as AS/A Level at Oldham Sixth Form. They can also study Performing Arts with Dance at Oldham College. Anyone interested in teaching Dance or Performing Arts can go onto study at University.