Subject Philosophy

RE at RCS is dedicated subject aimed at enhancing students’ lives, and developing a wide range of transferable skills. In RE we endeavour to help students gain the ability to be reflective about their own beliefs, religious or otherwise, that inform their perspective on life and their interest in and respect for, different people’s faiths, feeling and values.  We encourage a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about their own religious beliefs, those of others in their community additionally of the world around them. We also encourage the use of imagination and creativity in their learning. It is a department mission to enhance our student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural experience

The RE and PSHCE Department

Our RE and PSHCE department is led by Mr S Kilshaw and Miss Byrne

RE and PSHCE Curriculum

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to introduce students to the study of religion.  It also creates tenuous links to the skills and knowledge required for Key Stage 4, and provides pupils with an understanding of various world religions including; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism & Judaism.


Key Stage 4

For the duration of Key Stage 4, pupils follow the WJEC (EDUQAS) RE course specification:

This course develops and extends knowledge and understanding of primarily two religions: Christianity & Islam. By the end of Year 10 students will aim to have an in-depth knowledge of the two religions looking at ethical and moral issues such as relationships, life and death.   By Easter of Year 11 students enjoy the chance to learn about and debate “ultimate questions” and reflect on the key beliefs and practices of both religions. As there is no controlled assessment or coursework, students are encouraged to prepare and revise thoroughly for all in-class assessments and mock examinations so that development of their revision and exam technique is ongoing. RE at KS4 covers a great breadth of topics that are applicable to many other subject areas and link with many possible future jobs and careers.