Subject Philisophy

Our mission is to provide a science education for all.  GCSE Science provides the foundation for understanding the material world.  Our lives are changing due to our scientific understanding and it is this understanding that is essential to the world’s future success.  We want all students to learn the essential aspects of knowledge, methods, processes and skills used in science.  Students should gain appreciation of how the diverse phenomena of the natural world can be described from a small number of key ideas that are both interlinked and of universal application.

The Science Department

There are 13 members of staff in our Science department, who have a broad range of experiences and expertise.

The department consists of:

Head of Department - Miss S Cullen

Miss A Ali

Miss C McWhirter

Mrs J Partington

Mrs R Ahmed

Miss L Tunstall

Mr R Kenny

Mrs S Byrne

Mr J Leyland

Mr A Mather

Mr C Davies

Miss C Lodge

Mr M Downing

Science Curriculum

Key Stage 3

The focus is to develop a deeper understanding of biology, chemistry and physics.  Students should begin to see connections between these subject areas and become aware of big ideas that underpin scientific knowledge. 

Topics include; structure and function of living organisms, material cycles and energy, interactions and interdependencies, genetics and evolution, the particulate nature of matter, chemical reactions, energetics, the periodic table, the Earth and atmosphere, energy, motion and forces, waves, electricity and electromagnetism, matter, space physics.


Key Stage 4

The Edexcel Curriculum we teach contains approximately equal proportions of biology, chemistry and physics and all students will need to work scientifically to complete the prescribed ‘Core Practical’ activities.  Students will continue to build upon and deepen their scientific knowledge and understanding.  Most students will study the Combined Science course whilst some, with the appropriate ability profile, will opt for the Separate Science course.

For most students, this will be the last formal study of the subjects that help them understand the natural world and enhance their lives in an increasingly technological society.  Some students will use this as a platform for more advanced studies and this can lead onto a wide range of careers. 

Resources and Useful Links

Revision guides that can be purchased from student reception. BBC Bitesize - Quizzes and explanation of the topics Revision notes Videos of key concepts Videos of key concepts