Subject Philosophy


In Psychology is our central aim to engage students as they explore human behaviour, get an understanding of themselves and others, and gain skills that will support progression to further study of psychology and a wide range of other subjects.




In Sociology pupils will develop an understanding and critical awareness of the world around them.  A central theme is that learners will be encouraged to explore and debate social issues and they will learn to question aspects of society that they often take for granted.  This course will develop learners' ability to think sociologically in relation to their

experience of the social world around them so that they are able to play a positive, active and informed role in society.



The Social Sciences Department

Our Social Sciences department is led by Miss E Stirling.

Social Sciences Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Subjects are not taught at KS3


Key Stage 4


At Key Stage 4, pupils will follow the EDEXCEL GCSE Psychology course -



Pupils will engage with a wide range of traditional and contemporary case studies to gain an understanding of why people behave the way that they do.  They will learn to become independent learners and the course will develop knowledge of topics including development, social influence, the brain, criminality and psychological problems.  They will develop the ability to think scientifically through studying the mind and behaviour and will have the opportunity to learn about the treatments and therapies used to help people such as criminals, people suffering with depression and people with addictions.



At key stage 4 pupils follow the EDUQAS GCSE Sociology course -

Pupils will study two components:

Understanding Social Processes – Learners will consider how human beings acquire their individual identity.  They will consider the influence of family and the education system on the development of identity and apply the works of prominent sociological theorists to their understanding.

Understanding Social Structures – Learners will enhance their awareness of the social world.  They will develop an awareness of inequality and what contributes to people being unequal.  They will also carry out a detailed study in to crime and deviance.

Useful Links


The Mental Health Foundation provides information on the different types of depression and the signs and symptoms.

The NHS website provides information about what addiction is, the effects and possible treatments.

Sociology - The Office of National Statistics publishes up to date crime statistics for England.  Comparisons can be made between different parts of the country The Child Poverty Action Group publishes up to date statistics of child poverty in the UK and provides information about the effects of Poverty Joseph Rowntree Foundation aim to bring about social change and close the gap between rich and poor.